Business Philosophy

With ample experience and a flexible elite management team, See Love Enterprise Co. Ltd. is strongly supported by the Chan Yun Group. It also teams up professional talents to optimize massive resources in accordance with the changes and development of the economic market, helping you achieve your businesses and dreams.

See Love Enterprise Co. Ltd. regards serving people as its mission. In addition to providing a complete, considerate and products beyond expectations, it is also dedicated to social welfare, contributing to charity works anonymously. In the future, it will allocate a certain ratio of money from its surplus to help foreigners adapt to the life and prosper in Taiwan. Helping minorities, See Love is enthusiastic to feedback to the society.

Sharing Life and Sharing Joy – The Corporate Philosophy of Mutual Help. See Love endeavors to make all of our colleagues to feel and enjoy life, fulfilling our company ideal. See Love provides channels for continuous learning, helping our colleagues make blueprints of their dreams to actualize their dreams.

SeeLove – Brand Origin
【Join us, Enjoy Your Life.】,Enjoy your life. Perfect your life. Departing from the ideal of “filial piety”, See Love regards “love” as its core thinking. It intends to fill people’s hearts with love and thanksgiving. Likewise, joy will grow in their hearts, allowing them to feel life, cherish daily life and enjoy life.

Logo Design
Tree is the major object of design. Tree is the symbol of sustaining life and eternity in nature, implying stability and growth. It represents the prosperity, growth, and legacy of See Love. The round and perfect shape of the leaf represents harmony. The leaves growing towards the trunk represents the solidarity and concentric force of See Love partners. In addition, it also signifies the culture and tradition of remembering one’s origins when drinking water. The ideal will prosper in See Love. The flourishing branches and leaves are like the expansion and extension of See Love. It is going to help more See Love partners achieve their professional goals.
Gold is the color of See Love’s logo. Being glorious, it is the supremely pure color in nature. It is also the color of the sun, representing warmth and happiness. Shinning over the world, it is radiating over the people with charm. It represents not only See Love’s splendor but also the determination of expanding its business territory.