See Love College

Principal: K.C. Chang


Professional Courses

Business Marketing: Concept and Planning

Leadership and Coaching

Situational Leadership

Presentation skills

SOP Planning


Introduction: Principal of See Love College

In his career, he has been developing diverse skills in different fields in a slash manner.

Graduated from college, K. C. Chang was majored in food science and minored in business management. Later, he acted as a senior executive in an American company and become an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Food Science at Fu Jen Catholic University.

Now, he works in areas more diverse than before with multiple slashes. These work experiences inspired Chang a lot. The principal expects to share them with more people.



Vice President of SeeLove Company – Chan-Yun Group

CEO, Promotion Projects, Chan Yun Company

Associate Professor, Department of Food Science, Fu Jen Catholic University

CEO, Bristol-Myers Squibb -Mead Johnson Company