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Lecturer: Ywi Chi-Kan


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Cohesive and Concentric Force




Lecturer, See Love College

Formerly, he was trained in philosophy academically. Now, he dedicates himself to life and death studies of funeral services. From the abstract to the concrete,

from theory to practice, he has insights beyond common perception.  With profound insight in life-and-death and funeral services, he has delivered hundreds of

speeches. Being eloquent, his speeches are vivid, humorous and inspiring. He has published about ten books and written a hundred articles.



Consultant, Chan-Yun Group

Associate Professor and Head of the Institute of Life-and-Death Studies for the second term, Nanhua University.

Head of the Preparatory Department of Life-and-Death Studies, Nanhua University

Director, Chinese Funeral Education Society

Members of Review Committee and Evaluation Committee in funeral facilities and funeral services in various counties and cities.

Jenteh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management Associate Professor of Life Care Department